Slanic Prahova Saline

Starting with year 1943 Mine Unirea opened with a number of 15 rooms, all with trapezoidal profile. Exploration had been made until year 1972 since when it became the destination of tourist circuit or medical treatment under observation.

The maximum depth of the mine is for 217m, and its rooms in trapezoidal shape measure 55m height, total surface of the mine beeing around 80.000 mp.

The height of a room is 70 m, and the circuit takes place around the giant pillar that held the mine. It can be admired the statue of Mihai Viteazu, Mihai Eminescu, Decebal, Traian ( Ganezei room) and you can relax in such cathedral.

The constant temperature is around 12 degred C for all year long, the humidity is around 50%, the composition of air rich in sodium, the atmospheric pressure 18-20mm mercury column greater than the one from the surface, the lack of allergens factors creates an special microclimate beeing a natural way of treating breathing disease. The efficiency of this microclimate was discovered with over 100 years ago.

Here are beeing furnished places for sport (football, voley). The place is used for various sport events( athletics competitions and place of training for sporting people), as sanatoriums or as a landscape for movies.

Situated over Unirea Mine there are two mine called Mihai Mine and Carol Mine. Mihai Mine is reserved for international contents of microaerowaves.

Grota Miresei Saline

The salt mountain from Slanic Prahova it is located in the heart of Slanic, with entrance from Baia Baciului street.

Declared natural geological reservation and geomorfological in 1954, the surface of the protected area este around 2 ha. The Baia Baciului Complex is formed from Salt Mountain with Grota Miresei and Baia Miresei, Lacul Mare (called Baia Baciului with the surface around 5100 mp and maximum depth of 7 m), Baia Porcilor ( Surface 1460 mp and depth of 1 m, containing therapeutic mud).

The name of Grota Miresei appeared after year 1920, when, at four days after the wedding, a local women killed herself by jumping from the top of the salt mountain.

The salt moutain was declared natural reservation and monument of nature. This mountain designed by the rain water in salt extends on a surface of 2 ha.

The shape of te salt mountain and Grota Miresei, from the inside of it, has at the origins the actions of the man, by exploring from the inside of the salt mountain that functioned until 1852.