Treatment base

Tratament Slanic Prahova

The treatment takes place in the treatment base from the Slanic Hotel equiped with modern equipement. Chronic disease of the respiratory tract( asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, nose, chronic sinusitis, chronic laryngo-tracheitis) benefits of comprehensive rehabilitation treatment represented by:

- microclimate of salt;
- aerosol;
- electrotherapy (MDF, short wave, ultrasound, infrared and ultraviolet, microwave);
- respiratory physiotherapy;

The evolution was extremly favorable in most of the cases, even in some considerate dramatics, confirmed fact by the analyse taken of lots of patients by The National Institute of Recovery, Physical Medicine and Balneology.
Rheumatic pathology (degenerative and chronic inflammatory rheumatism, rheumatism, etc. abatricular.) Represents a second major category of diseases that benefit from complex processes represented by:

- Balneotherapy (salt lakes, ponds, hot baths rooms chloro-sodic, plant and shower rooms, massage, giant shower, Scottish shower)
- thermotherapy (mud, paraffin, parafango)
- hydrokinetotherapy and individual and collective physical therapy;
- Low and medium frequency electrotherapy and electrostimulation analgesic (electroplating simple ionization, galvanic currents dynamics, Trabert currents, currents Huffshmidt) and high frequency electrotherapy - short waves, ultra sound, microwave;
- Magneto-phototherapy
- Laser therapy
- Massage therapy
Along with rheumatic pathology, the neurological (hemiparesis, pear and tetrapareze, peripheral paresis, neuropareze peripherals, etc..) And the recent and disabling post-traumatic therapeutic benefit factors in the resort. Lakes, ponds and salt baths hyperconcentrated addresses and other pathological categories:

- Nutritional and metabolic diseases (goiter, and obese pseudogusa for the latter there are special programs for cure);
- Dermatological diseases (psoriasis)
- Chronic inflammatory diseases of the uro-genital tract in women
- Some endocrine (glandular hiposecretiile).

The resort has possibilities for laboratory investigation (RX, laboratory, respiratory samples). Slanic resort not only to people suffering.Spa Antistress Belts, belts for prevention of nuisance to the people who work in respiratory, belts health and geriatric sedentary people to the complete array of prevention and treatment. Another category to which a resort Slanic is represented by athletes, they enjoy the local climate and hilly topography, the microclimate of salt and training facilities in the spa complex.

Statiunea Slanic